No Desktop or Client Installation!

ThinView requires no desktop or client installation, as it is downloaded on demand by the client Web browser. This reduces client hardware requirements and client costs. Also, with all code on the server side, it greatly simplifies installing, managing and configuring software, saving significant time and costs.

Global control

ThinView can be installed or modified immediately throughout your entire workplace. No more waiting weeks or even months for every individual PC to be updated. This allows your employees, customers or vendors to be more productive in the shortest possible time, while all of your clients are in “software sync.”

Multi-Platform Support

ThinView’s Java implementation is cross-platform, enabling organizations of all sizes to take advantage of the Internet, intranet and extranet to improve communications with employees, customers and vendors regardless of the client platforms.

Easy Set up

Java Applets are quickly developed or modified with ThinView’s unique “set up wizards”. No programming is required. End users also find it easy to use as ThinView utilizes familiar Web browser and GUI interfaces.

Years of Experience